March 9, 2011

Skiing the Waves

Have you ever heard about wave-ski?

Through all the extreme sports we can find nowadays and the latest innovations in the world of skiing, I draw our attention on the wave-ski, an unknown sport, but as full of adrenaline than the surf.

The wave-ski, which is also called waveski surfing, is a compromise between surfing and kayaking.

This boat looks like a surfboard with a thicker waist and foot strap ensuring the timing of the practitioner, essential to control his board into the wave. This practice, of Australian origin, was used by rescuers to fetch surfers in difficulty. Today the sport is growing worldwide.

Whatever little known, there are many competitions such as the championships of France, Europe, the world … The officials world championship happen every year all over the world (the last was in Australia and the next will be in Portugal this summer) and  a professional private circuit was also created four years ago (AWWP- Association of World Wave-ski Tour).

It is a sport generous feelings of its position (sitting) near the surface. Relatively difficult at first for people unaccustomed to kayaking, we manage to take control quickly. It makes all the figures of classic surf plus some new school figures (including ARS, buckles, ..). The most emblematic figure is of course the Aerial, who is a flight in the air made using the wave as a springboard. The sport may need to know eskimo roll (technique of recovering the place turns when kayaking) but not essential. This variant has an asset that surfing is the mobility on the spot. In fact, surfers are less conventional fast rowing, while with the paddle can be reached more quickly take off zone (zone of wave-making). The seating position makes it an ideal sport accessible to learn gliding through the waves.

During the contests, the riders have to compete round by round until the final. A round has four participants who will be judged on their best two waves, during 20 minutes. The most important criteria are the height of the wave (the biggest), the risk-factor taken, the verticality of the tricks and the style.

So, are you interesting to get a big doss of adrenaline? Let’s practice in one of the numerous associations present on the French coast or join a training course with Mathieu Babarit, French ambassador and two times world champion of this discipline.


March 9, 2011

Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage of St Jacques de Compostela is a Catholic pilgrimage, whose goal is the legendary tomb of the apostle St. Jacques, Jacques le Majeur, located in the crypt of the Cathedral of St. Jacques de Compostela in Galicia (Spain). The pilgrimage to Santiago is one of the three most important pilgrimages in Christendom after Jerusalem and Rome. Throughout the Middle Ages was well attended, and was then slightly forgotten in modern times has never taken a major boom. El Camino de Santiago has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site, the European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe and has received the honorary title of Europe’s largest street.

The origins of the cult of Santiago in Roman Hispania are unknown, but it seems that in 814 relics were attributed to the apostle. At the end of the ninth century spans the Christian Europe. The eleventh century the number of pilgrims has increased considerably due to cultural contacts between European nations. Some pilgrims carry sometimes the other way, after reaching the Cathedral of St. Jacques de Compostela, while others go to see Padron docking the boat of the saint, to Cape Finisterre in the Middle Ages regarded as the tip the world, even at Fatima in Portugal.

Nearly 100,000 pilgrims have requested to receive the credencial (certificate which prove you are doing the peregrination) in 1999 and nearly 250,000 in 2009 with 63 different nationalities. Moreover, if we have come since the ninth century by Christians with stops in monasteries, pilgrimage of Saint-Jacques has also become a popular hiking, where the marchers are lovers of Romanesque art, group of friends, people looking for adventure, simplicity, reflection, challenge and  amazing landscape . They go to St Jacques de Compostela on foot or by bike, sometimes on horseback and the peregrination can take one week to three months.

This pilgrimage is often an unforgettable experience for its walkers, and it’s also an easy and a cheapest way to travel (thanks to the free or cheap pilgrim’s guest house) through the provinces and the cultural places of Europe. Between the marchers who already did this “camino”, it’s well known that everybody found something and came back changed at the end of this great experience.

March 4, 2011

No Me Toques y El Subversivo

Rather than focus exclusively on Rizal or his novels, Diaz-Abaya attempts to reconcile the two in José Rizal, thereby fueling the pertinence of the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo Philippine history, and the myth that these two novels alone would suffice to describe more than 300 years of Spanish Colonization.

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March 4, 2011

Smoking Hot Shoes for the dudes!

2010 gave men a lot of boat shoes and sneakers. The term ‘rubber shoes’ has become so multifaceted that even other types of shoes have already been attached to it. Comfort and Design were what pushed the demand of consumers last year and if current trends continue, these 2 factors will still dominate the market with more shoe variations breaking the surface. From Vans to Sebago, Fred Perry to Nike and Converse to Zara, you can only expect nothing but the best this 2011. Skate shoes are geared up to occupy the apex. Plimsoll Shoes come in 2nd place while enhanced Boat Shoes grab 3rd spot. Brogue and Blucher shoes will emboss the smart casual look while modernized Sports shoes will augment the athletic gentleman. The Espadrille is also something to watch out this year. Guys, get yourselves ready! These smoking hot shoes are set to conquer the battlefield!

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March 2, 2011

Move and Kinect

(Part 2 and 3 of motion gaming)

The huge success of the Nintendo Wii sparked the age of a new gaming revolution yet it lacked in one aspect found on other gaming platforms, HD. In today’s gaming society HD has become standard to provide the best graphical gaming experiences out there. The Wii on the other hand used dated graphics which in turn was frowned upon by most developing companies and hardcore gamers.

It was shortly after the boom of the Wii that Sony and Microsoft decided to join in the motion gaming market. In 2009 Sony revealed the Playstation Move while Microsoft brought forth the Kinect.

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March 2, 2011

Fraile y Filipino

As enamored as the Filipinos are with the idea of José Rizal, the quintessential Filipino, they too were enamored with the idea of the Spanish friars, though perversely so. The word prayle evokes fear, anger, and hate, and stokes the flames of rebellion in every Filipino who has come to see as truth how the Spanish friar is typically represented.

José Rizal introduces the Spanish friar in the middle of his sermon. He is seen chastising the churchgoers (all Filipinos, as the camera deigns to frame) against committing sin; then, his wagging figure and disapproving Spanish words cut to a naked Filipina. There is fear in her eyes, and as she lies down on a bed, the same friar is seen advancing and rapes her. Cutting back to the mass, the friar is walking down the aisle as an altar boy hurries after him, collecting coins from the Filipinos. The same boy is next seen being whipped by the friar. The latter’s yells asking where the money is rebound with the former’s cries against the covenant’s stone walls. In this series of images, there are two signifiers: the friar and the Filipina and altar boy (signifiers in turn of the Filipinos). These two signifiers compounded together signify that of the Spanish friar who derives pleasure from abusing the Filipinos. It is not a coincidence that the friar giving the sermon is also the same who rapes the Filipina and abuses the boy; the film means to point out the irony of it.

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February 28, 2011

Buck up for Buckaroos

Here’s another one of those good restaurants that aren’t given much attention as they should. Buckaroos is an American casual dining place, with a western theme. Buckaroos is all about the cowboy hats, from the uniform of the staff to the walls of the restaurant, and even on their website (, cowboy hats are everywhere.

Their foods are also fit for a cowboy. Their specialties are BBQ, steaks and sizzlers. From Smoke Sausage BBQ to Baby Back Ribs, Buckaroos got what it takes to make your mouth water and satisfy your hunger. If you don’t have a big appetite, they also offer pizzas, pastas, burgers and salad. (Though I really recommend you to try their steaks.) Their desserts are also worth a try. Sample their Crispy Mallow Ala Mode and taste its chocolaty, chewy goodness. It’s heaven in your mouth!

Dining at Buckaroos is really worth your time and money. One would only spend an average amount of 200 to 500 pesos. This not only includes appetizing and stomach-filling food, but also an A service from their staff. Head to SM Fairview or Ortigas to check out this restaurant.


All photos sourced from the Internet.


February 28, 2011


There is no distinct relationship between a signifier and a signified; rather, the connection between the two is rather arbitrary. Any other person could stand as a central figure to the Filipinos, but society chose to attach this particular signified to José Rizal.

At the first-level sign, Rizal is a signifier for the ideal hero. The film shows numerous scenes of Rizal speaking against bloodshed and revolt, whether to Andres Bonifacio, his defense attorney Taviel, before the Spanish trial court, or even to Élias. He proved the might of pen and peace against sword and blood; Andres Bonifcaio’s revolution was merely the effect of Rizal’s ‘redemption.’ Rizal is the archetype of patriotism as well; the film presents scenes were Rizal refuses the offers of the Katipunan to free him from exile, prison, and death. He chooses to die, and die honorably, for what greater sacrifice is there for his motherland?

The idea of a hero, then, is romanticized into that of the ilustrado, the peaceful intellectual who uses words to strike his blows. Leon Ma. Guerrero writes, “[Filipinos] prize virtue more than victory, and sacrifice above success .” However, it is not necessarily Rizal that is renowned but the ideology itself. The Filipinos are an inherently peaceful people; the violent acts of Bonifacio or even Lapu-Lapu even when they were for the country’s sake, are criticized precisely for their violence. Long after the Philippines gained its independence, the ideology would manifest itself again on a national scale – the brutalities of the Martial Law Era and Ferdinand Marcos are condemned, while the diplomacies of the EDSA Revolution and Corazon Aquino are heralded. Even Emilio Aguinaldo does not enjoy the same prestige as Rizal, if only for the fact that he did not die well before his time. Filipinos value sacrifice, and though it was Aguinaldo who ultimately declared independence, it is Rizal who is represented as the greater hero – in the same way that Aquino could never match Ninoy Aquino, for his death was a consequence of his meddling with the tyrannical government.

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February 28, 2011

They Make the World Go Round (Part 1)

It is one of the obscurities of daily life. We use it everyday but we barely recognize it. We may find it under the cushion of our couch or in the corners of our room. We ignore it most of the time yet we scour the whole house or look intently for it at sidewalks during times of dire need. Some might even go to the extent of sabotaging someone’s wish courtesy of that magical well. Yes, I’m talking about the thing that she works hard for (80’s song in the background)- MONEY!

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February 27, 2011

Superman Vs. Spider-Man: The Ultimate Showdown

Superman Vs. Spider-Man

Superman and Spider-Man are today’s most famous superheroes. We’ve seen them grow from being ordinary individuals to powerful world defenders. We’ve witnessed them fight crime, exterminate monsters, go on a date, live normal lives and uphold justice.  They’ve always been our favorite superheroes. And I believe you’ll agree with me when I say that they have already conquered the world. But if we were to make a comparison, who do you think will stand out? Will the Last Son of Krypton rule this battle? Or will your friendly neighborhood hero make his way to the top? Let the Ultimate Showdown begin!

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